I just watched the Allan Savory video! I don't believe I had ever heard from him specifically, but his idea of Holistic Management definitely articulates a combination of ideas that I'm passionate about. I also really appreciate how he was able to honestly express how he (and all of us) once had things wrong, but now he sees through the false dichotomy of livestock/wildlife or civilization/nature.

I've always been fascinated by the utilization of livestock to mimic the presence of once abundant wild heard animals. I'm actually planning on attending Law School in Fall of 2021, but I'm hoping to take at least one elective class in Ecological Ranch Management depending on the school I get into. The US probably has a lot to learn here because of the perfect storm of large, stationary, factory farms combined with the near elimination of wild buffalo populations.

I don't know if you read my post on Roderick Nash's "Wilderness and the American Mind", but these ideas remind me of the historic debate within the Environmental Movement between preservationist like John Muir, conservationists like Gifford Pinchot, and later 'ecological' thinkers like Aldo Leopold. It's a thick book, but I'll include a link to my review of it if you're interested.


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