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  • Peter Miles

    Peter Miles

    Peter Miles B.Env.Sc. 45 years in Environmental Science, specializing in Wildlife and Conservation Biology. Writes about Animals, Revegetation & Climate Change.

  • Christian Wayne Yonkers

    Christian Wayne Yonkers

    A Michigan-based journalist and photographer creating content for environmental and social change.

  • P.J. Herring

    P.J. Herring

    πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Returned Peace Corps Volunteer πŸ‡΅πŸ‡ΎπŸ‡΅πŸ‡ͺ || Author of the novel As Iron Sharpens Iron πŸ“–

  • Martin Van Duyse

    Martin Van Duyse

    Finance guy. I write about topics at the intersection between economics and climate change, and about climate action in general.

  • Kimmie Sinnock

    Kimmie Sinnock

    Environmentalist, Epileptic, Yogi, Adventure seeker

  • Jamie Russo

    Jamie Russo

    Unconventional advice for aspiring creatives, written short at goodnote.substack.com. Author of The Underdog Paradox, Medium Top Writer, and Essayist.

  • Canopact


    Canopact enables companies to reduce their carbon emissions by harnessing real-time data and empowering employees to take action. Find out more at canopact.com

  • Suvi Helena

    Suvi Helena

    That girl next door.

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