Stories matter, but not all stories are created equal.

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Climate Change is about much more than cold statistics

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A book for understanding the challenges faced by Western American forests

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Your next step to understanding modern vaccines

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There’s more here than Call of Duty and Candy Crush.

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A Personal Exploration of the Obama-years

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Why Environmentalists Need to Rethink Nuclear Energy

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Aspiring Environmental Lawyer Exploring Art’s Role Taking on Climate Change

A Conventional Symbol Applied to a Novel Problem

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Florida Project gives us an example of Heat’s visual juxtaposition turned towards the film’s larger class critique. In Florida Project, we spend the whole movie focused on a motel community caked in constant Florida-style sweat, all while living next to the dream-like Disney World.

Two very different films taking their stab at a very important issue.

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Cameron Catanzano

Reader, Writer, and Environmental Law Student in Portland, Oregon.

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