Your next step to understanding modern vaccines

We stand at a moment of tremendous importance in the history of human medicine. biotechnology companies shattered records last November when they finally submitted results to the CDC and FDA for the approval of multiple novel coronavirus vaccines, and the United States is about to roll out the largest and…

A Personal Exploration of the Obama-years

Joe Biden is president-elect of the United States, Donald Trump is apparently living in an alternate reality, and Between the World and Me is available for streaming on HBO Max. There’s no better time than now to jump back into Ta-Nehisi Coates’s We Were Eight Years in Power.

If there…

Aspiring Environmental Lawyer Exploring Art’s Role Taking on Climate Change

I come from a family of surfers, hikers, and campers. In other words, my childhood is littered with memories of exploring national parks and road-tripping across the desert beaches of Baja California.

But, these trips were always about more than exercise or a shared appreciation for scenic views. Spending time…

A Conventional Symbol Applied to a Novel Problem

Hot weather — and the many ways we’ve learned to communicate it — has come to play many important roles in our stories. We often use Heat to build a juxtaposition of worlds, communicate a character’s disorientation, or symbolize an unavoidable reality demanding our attention.


Florida Project gives us an…

Two very different films taking their stab at a very important issue.

This post was originally part of a larger post looking critically at how common themes of climate change have been finding their way into popular films. However, that post was getting LONG, and I decided to cut these movies out for a part-2 of sorts.

In the original post, I…

Cameron Catanzano

Reader, Writer, and Environmental Law Student in Portland, Oregon.

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